State Resources

Since 1960, the average voter turnout in the U.S. during Presidential elections is 55.1%. The average voter turnout in non-Presidential elections is 40.5% – a drop of almost 15%. For state and local elections, the average drops even more, sometimes below 30% for general elections.

These statistics suggest that many citizens believe that state and local elections do not really matter – only the federal elections do. However, the President does not control how business is conducted within your state, how state laws can affect your daily routine and personal freedoms, or how much in state taxes you pay every month. Your state legislature does.

These state and local elections do matter, and even one vote can make the difference in an election.  Click on your state below to learn more about voting rules and deadlines, critical elections, ballot issues, and other related information that the President doesn’t control to ensure that you vote informed in 2009.  Becoming informed on the candidates doesn’t get any easier. And please keep checking back – more states will be added soon.